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18/06/2015 Blantyre Victoria 2-2 p Thorniewood United Central Lg. Cup
17/06/2015 Hurlford United 2-0 Auchinleck Talbot Ayrshire Lg. Cup
13/06/2015 Pollok 3-1 Blantyre Victoria Evening Times Cup
13/06/2015 Camelon Juniors 1-0 Sauchie Juniors Fife & Lothians Cup
11/06/2015 Thorniewood United p 2-2 Vale of Clyde Central Lg. Cup
11/06/2015 Yoker Athletic 1-3 Blantyre Victoria Central Lg. Cup
10/06/2015 Armadale Thistle 3-4 p Broughty Athletic   East Junior Tier 1/2 PO
10/06/2015 Pollok p 2-2 Auchinleck Talbot Evening Times Cup
08/06/2015 Blantyre Victoria 5-2 Ardrossan Winton Rovers Evening Times Cup
08/06/2015 Wishaw 1-5 Dunipace   West Junior Central 1st Div.
07/06/2015 Auchinleck Talbot 2-1 Musselburgh Athletic Scottish Junior Cup
06/06/2015 Broughty Athletic 1-2 Armadale Thistle   East Junior Tier 1/2 PO
06/06/2015 Blantyre Victoria 2-0 Carluke Rovers Central Lg. Cup
06/06/2015 Vale of Clyde 4-3 Cumbernauld United Central Lg. Cup
06/06/2015 Hill of Beath Hawthorn p 0-0 Bo'ness United East Junior Cup
06/06/2015 Sauchie Juniors 4-1 Linlithgow Rose Fife & Lothians Cup
06/06/2015 Dundee Violet 1-1 Edinburgh United   East Junior Premier
06/06/2015 Forfar West End 5-2 Dundee North End   East Junior Premier
06/06/2015 Thornton Hibs 4-0 Lochee Harp   East Junior North Div.
04/06/2015 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 2-1 Shotts Bon Accord   West Junior Tier 1/2 PO
03/06/2015 Carnoustie Panmure 4-1 Camelon Juniors   East Junior Superlg.
03/06/2015 Bo'ness United p 1-1 Dundonald Bluebell East Junior Cup
03/06/2015 Edinburgh United 1-4 Forfar West End   East Junior Premier
03/06/2015 Benburb 3-4 Larkhall Thistle   West Junior Central 1st Div.
03/06/2015 Wishaw 2-1 Blantyre Victoria   West Junior Central 1st Div.
02/06/2015 Stoneywood 2-2 Cruden Bay   North Junior Superlg.
02/06/2015 Shotts Bon Accord 0-2 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy   West Junior Tier 1/2 PO
01/06/2015 Blantyre Victoria 2-0 Vale of Clyde   West Junior Central 1st Div.
01/06/2015 Dunipace 0-3 Renfrew   West Junior Central 1st Div.